Medical Alert: COVID-19

Whilst it's an uncertain time, our priority at Greater Knox Family Practice is still the same -- delivering high quality care for you and your family.

We're just doing it differently.

In view of current situation, Greater Knox Family Practice Doctors are now providing Tele consultations for patients. We've made it safer and easier for you to speak with your doctor by offering consultations over the phone for the healthcare advice you require.

We will still remain available to care for In-Person consultations for current and new patients.

We wish to remind patients with chronic health conditions to ensure that they are receiving the care they need and continue with necessary monitoring and testing.

Our wonderful staff members practise recommended hygiene standards and physical distancing measures to ensure both our team and our patients are not at heightened risk.


To enable a comprehensive assessment whilst still adhering to social isolation principles, we ask ALL patients with a fever or respiratory symptoms (sore throat, cough ,shortness of breath) to book a Tele consultation first.